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9400 S Dadeland Blvd
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    Miami, FL 33156
Welcome to Pinnacle Housing Group! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about who we are, what we do and what we have accomplished.

Established in 1997, Pinnacle Housing Group is a full-service real estate development company committed to solving the critical need for affordable housing in the Southeast United States' urban centers, suburban areas and rural communities. Pinnacle develops, builds, leases and owns affordably-priced, luxury-styled apartment homes. With a development portfolio in excess of 6,000 units concentrated in Florida and the Southeastern U.S., Pinnacle has grown responsibly into one of the most successful and productive developers of affordable housing in the United States, consistently ranked in Affordable Housing Finance magazine's "Top 50" list annually for nearly a decade.

Pinnacle’s home offices are based in Miami, Florida with satellite offices in West Palm Beach and North Florida. As part of Pinnacle’s expansion as a regional developer of affordable housing beyond the borders of its home state, it opened offices in Austin, Texas in 2011 to support its growing portfolio of development activities in the Lone Star State.

Working-class families often spend more than half their income for housing. Often times, they can only afford substandard, costly housing in neighborhoods where their living environment is blighted and their future seems hopeless. Pinnacle Housing Group addresses these problems by building affordable housing distinguished by an unparalleled upscale appearance offering an improved quality of life and a brighter, more promising future for individuals, families and seniors. We design, construct and maintain comfortable and energy-efficient communities that are affordable and rich in both interior and exterior amenities. Pinnacle casts a visionary eye towards the future economic and social growth of our residents, and we recognize the important nexus between creating and maintaining quality developments with our residents having pride in their surroundings and hope for upward mobility. Our residents often use living in a Pinnacle community as an eventual steppingstone to homeownership.

We have deep community ties and a sensitivity to community issues that have evolved from years of experience in working with neighborhoods and community groups. This commitment has been recognized through numerous awards linking Pinnacle Housing Group developments to overall neighborhood improvement, including prestigious "All America City" ® designations by the National Civic League for two South Florida cities resulting in large part from successful Pinnacle redevelopment ventures.
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